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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - April 2020

Fionabella Enterprises wishes to thank the management of CATC – Contemporary Applications Training Center (www.catc.com.sa), a consultancy and training firm located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for deciding to renew the company’s annual contract with Fionabella.com’s on-line services.

CATC has been a collaborative partner and client of Fionabella Enterprises since May of 2016.  We are very grateful and appreciative of CATC’s continuing trust with Fionabella’s quality of services.

Contemporary Applications Training Center (CATC) is a training center that was founded in 2009 and licensed under the Saudi Arabian law with esteemed local, regional and international affiliations and partnerships.  CATC is well positioned in the Saudi market and within the Arabian Gulf countries. Their client base covers a wide range of industries in both government and private sectors. They take pride in delivering the highest quality training solutions that are based on thorough analysis and assessment of CATC’s clients’ needs of training and development.

CATC is a sister company of CAMC Consulting Company www.camc.com.sa

For more details about CATC, Kindly visit their website at www.CATC.com.sa