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Fionabella Enterprises is now boosting its IT solutions and networking portfolio by reaching a distribution agreement with OPTERNA, one of the leading manufacturers of complete fiber-optic solutions and copper products covering network infrastructure, data center cabling and pioneering SMART solutions that deliver IoT.

Opterna provides fiber optic and copper infrastructure solutions that improve enterprise management and operational performance of data centers, telco rooms, offices and hotels. Opterna’s Optical LAN Solutions offer a complete end-to-end cabling solution to support passive optical LAN (POL). POL is an enterprise-level architecture which replaces copper and delivers bundled voice, data and video services to the premises. Opterna also offers a complete portfolio of balanced copper solutions, fiber optic solutions and equipment cabinets and accessories for Local Area Networks. Their products are independently verified and consistently exceed the standards required for today’s demanding network applications.

A subsidiary of JKH Holdings, a global conglomerate, Opterna has fully-owned world-class manufacturing facilities in Europe, Asia, the Middle-East and America.

For more information about OPTERNA, please visit their website at www.opterna.com