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Manila, Philippines  |   June 2019

Fionabella Enterprises (Fionabella.com) has started the deployment of Fionabella Piso Wifi Vending Machines in heavily populated areas in Metro Manila this June of 2019.  Piso Wifi Vending Machines are very affordable and accessible ways to access the internet for Filipinos living in areas where internet connectivity is a problem.  For the price of one (1) peso, anyone can access the internet for 6 minutes or more using their smartphones, tablets or laptops. These devices are plug-n-play and practically  “maintenance free” and they provide increase earnings for those business-minded individuals without the hassles of having to hire additional employees.

Fionabella Enterprises has also started marketing and selling Piso Wifi Vending Machines as a business solution for Filipino entrepreneurs looking to have additional income by tapping on their existing internet DSL or fiberoptic connection at home or in their existing business locations; such as Internet Cafes, Cafeterias, Coffee Shops, Sari-Sari Stores, Shops, etcetera.  We ship all our products nationwide.  We accept major credit cards, Paypal, Paymaya, Money Transfer, Smart Padala and Remittance Centers like M. Lhuillier, Cebuana Lhuillier and Palawan Express as forms of payment for our products and services.

For more information about Fionabella’s Piso Wifi Vending Machines, Please Visit this link:

www. fionabella.com/piso