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One of the highlights of the Year 2018 for the Fionabella.com Team is the delivery of Foilacar-Dubai’s Website (www.foilacar.ae) which is the product of a very close collaboration between the staff of Fionabella and Foilacar.

Foilacar – Dubai is “The Leading Provider Of Car Foiling & Vehicle Branding Services” in the UAE.

Ever since its inception in 1996, the Foilacar team has worked hard to be recognized as a German specialist for car tinting, foiling and wrapping technologies and services. From the motherland of the automobile’s inventor to the homeland of car enthusiasts, they have dedicated themselves to excellence in car body finishing.

Foilacar  boasts a combination of the best materials and the most competent professionals to inspire you with their products and handcrafts, all of which are nothing less than perfect. From planning to installation, their staff of foil coating experts and digital media designers oversee your project to guarantee the most individual service and the highest German quality.

Get In Touch Now For A High Quality Protection Solution For Your Vehicle

If you are interested in world class solutions to ensure the protection of your vehicle’s colour, design or wish to have elite level window tinting done, then feel free to get in touch with Foilacar-Dubai at +971 4 341 6667.

You may also visit their website at www.foilacar.ae