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Emitac Healthcare Solutions LLC (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

September 2019 – Present

Office Manager cum Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

  • Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer as CEO Office Manager & Executive Assistant managing and overseeing the seamless day-to-day operations and functions of the CEO Office, the CEO’s Desk and other senior executives’ offices.


  • Formulating diverse business strategies, financial reports, data visualizations, along with crafting impactful PowerPoint presentations and Excel documents for the CEO’s utilization during the monthly and quarterly sessions of the Emitac Finance Committee and the esteemed Board of Directors.


  • Designed, created, operates and manages the EHS’ CEO DESK PORTAL (https://emitac.freshdesk.com) using Freshdesk platform, which eventually turned into an automated document management system for the CEO office where all documents submitted for approval by D-Level executives and CEO are uploaded and approved for processing. These documents include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) All types of customer contracts, agreements, annual maintenance agreements, purchase agreements, etc. (2) All types of Bank Guarantees, (3) Purchase Requisitions for stock items or demo equipment requests, (4) Customer PO/LPO documents for Approval, (5) Tender Documents to be reviewed and approved, (6) Marketing expenses, (7) Payment Release Requests, (8) All types of legal documents for review, approval and signature, (9) HR documents for review, approval and signature by CEO, (10) Distribution Agreements, Reseller Agreements and JV Agreements for full review, approval and signature.


  • Designed, created and implemented the EHS Suppliers’ Portal (https://ehssuppliers.com) which is a centralized cloud-based registration, documents upload system and onboarding platform for all suppliers of EHS. I am the administrator and developer of this platform.   


  • As part of the EHS marketing team, I provide comprehensive assistance in overseeing, organizing, and fulfilling the digital marketing needs for various events such as conferences, congresses, symposiums, and more. My responsibilities encompass the effective management of the company’s social media platforms, ensuring consistent updates on EHS activities, news, announcements, and the latest developments.


  • In addition to my regular duties, I also prepare and author various documents, reports, agreements and contracts (mostly confidential) for the CEO, as well as for the Members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Finance Committee.



Sehati for Information Technology Services LLC (Riyadh, KSA)

July 2018 – September 2019

Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Executive Committee/Managing Director

  • Sehati Company was established under the auspices of the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Cooperative Council for Health Insurance (CCHI) with one single mission: To deliver the Saudi Health Insurance Bus Platform (SHIB) and the Saudi Electronic Health Record platform (SeHE) to the Saudi Arabian government as part of the Saudi Vision 2030, and then operate it under a BOOT Agreement with CCHI and the Ministry of Health. 


  • As Office Manager cum Executive Assistant to the Chairman of the Executive Committee, who later became the Managing Director of Sehati, I managed the day-to-day operations and activities of the office. In addition, I also coordinated, prepared and documented all the activities and meetings of the Board of Directors, the Executive Committee and The Remuneration Committee.  This includes designing project reports, business plans, progress reports and all sorts of reports in PowerPoint presentations to be presented during meetings of the Board of Directors, as well as meetings of the oversight committees.


  • In addition to my regular duties, I also prepared various documents, reports, agreements and contracts (mostly confidential) for the MD, as well as for the Members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee.


  • As my collateral duty, I am also the assistant of one of the members of the Board of Directors.




Trust Holding LLC (Dubai, UAE)

December 2017  –   July 2018

I.T. Administrator

  • With over 250 employees, Trust Holding LLC (trustholding.ae) is a Dubai-based corporation with 3 subsidiary companies: Benaa Emirates Contracting LLC, Omnia Properties LLC and Traders LLC.


  • Managed, maintained and operated the IT Department of Trust Holding LLC and all its subsidiary companies. Directly responsible for maintaining the company’s IT systems, network infrastructure, servers, network printers, PCs, laptops, multi-function printers, internet connectivity, CCTV systems/installations and IT security & biometric attendance systems. I also did the technical architecture of additional IT infrastructure & networks, as needed.  Also managed and operated the desktop support services for all employees of the company, in the head office as well as in the offices of all project sites in Dubai.   Deployed and maintained company websites and mail exchange systems.  I am also the project manager for the implementation and deployment of the ERP System (INSPIRE Solutions ERP).  I single-handedly provide all IT services to the company employees and managed the company’s IT assets.  I also acted as the purchasing manager and asset manager for all IT assets. 


  • Also, responsible for the IT systems and network infrastructure of sister company, Foilacar Company (foilacar.ae), which includes maintenance of all PC & laptops of the company, network printers, CCTV system, biometric attendance devices, etc. Also designed & maintained the company website and email system.




NTCC – The Tri-Generation Company (Riyadh)   

February 2016  –      March 2017

CEO Office Manager / Acting I.T. Administrator

  • Reports directly to the CEO as Office Manager. Over-all in-charge of all administrative functions of the CEO Office, overseeing the management of 4 business units of NTCC; namely Source Energy, IES, DTZ-KSA & District Cooling Company Ltd. I also designed and implemented several business plans and cost-cutting initiatives for the CEO.  Designed and implemented NTCC’s 2016 3D Growth Plan, which eventually became the template for future growth plan of NTCC’s business units.  As IT Administrator, I managed the NTCC IT Department as Acting IT Manager, the entire network infrastructure and IT & desktop support services for all NTCC subsidiaries and 6 tri-generation plants located across different regions in Saudi Arabia. I made decisions on all technological requirements of NTCC. I did most of the hands-on IT services, but I did have an IT Technician under my supervision.

As Acting IT Administrator, I initiated the following IT Projects and Initiatives:

  • Deployed and started the implementation of Unicom-ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for NTCC and its 3 subsidiary companies.
  • Designed & Developed 2 websites for NTCC’s 2 business units (ies.sa.com & www.districtcooling.com.sa)
  • Initiated OS migration of all NTCC PCs and laptops from Windows 8.1 Enterprise to Windows 10 Pro OS.
  • Initiated and deployed a high-speed fiber-optic Dedicated Internet Connection (DIA) to eventually replace the current internet connectivity for NTCC.
  • Initiated a Cloud-based IT Services model for NTCC to reduce operational costs.
  • Deployed & implemented a cloud-based IT Help Desk system to efficiently manage the services provided by the IT Department.
  • Reduced NTCC’s annual IT expenses and operational costs by at least of 30%.



Al Faisaliah Medical Systems Co.(FMS), Al Faisaliah Group JSC (C)

May 2012  –  August 2015

Executive Assistant to the CEO – Systems & Reports Analyst

  • Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer as Executive Assistant managing most of the admin functions of the CEO office and other senior executives’ offices. Provided technical services to the CEO on issues related to current technologies and technological landscapes and their application to current and future operational processes for the company.  Designed all kinds of business plans and financial reports, charts and analytical graphs, plus PowerPoint presentations and Excel format for the CEO.   Supervision of select IT project management and planning, as required by the CEO.  Received daily and weekly projects status reports from Project Managers & Project Consultants of all IT priority projects, consolidated and summarized these reports and then submitted a weekly project summary report, charts and analytical graphs, including project plans to the CEO.  Also, Administrator of the Tenders and Turnkey Department’s admin file server, which is the suppository of the most sensitive and confidential documents of the company.
  • Release of all purchase requisitions in the SAP system, on behalf of the CEO.  Received intensive training in SAP R/3 System –Materials Management module, Supply Logistics & Warehousing (as the Supply Chain Department’s Inventory Controller where I designed a Tracking System for all company assets).
  • Other duties include: (1) Continued as the Acting Enterprise Solutions Officer for the Solutions Architect Office of Al Faisaliah Medical Systems Co. (see job description below please).  (2) Network operations support and desktop management support & other I.T. support tasks for Al Faisaliah’s top management.



Al Faisaliah Medical Systems Co.(FMS), Al Faisaliah Group JSC (C)

October 2003 – May 2012

Enterprise Solutions Proposal Officer / IT & Network Operations Support

  • Supervise, Coordinate, and Liaise all activities leading to the preparation of submissions and technical proposals for Enterprise Solutions (Cardiac IT, HIS, C-PACS, R-PACS, ICIP, etc.), Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Systems Integrations to large and medium-size healthcare institutions. Some of these solutions include (but not limited to) the following:- Philips’ Xcelera Cardiac PACS Solution,
    – Lumedx’ Apollo CVIS Solution,
    – Philips’ ICIP Critical Care IT Solution,
    – Philips’ TracemasterVue ECG Management System,
    – Elekta’s MOSAIQ Integrated Oncology Management System
  • Final editing of all proposals, technical write-ups, specifications documents, pre-qualifications, expression of interests, hospital official letters, etc. in close coordination with staff consultants, division coordinators and other Solutions Architect office team members. Supervise the final production and logistical requirements of all proposals & related documents.  Also served as IT & Network Operations Support for IT services and network operations support for Al Faisaliah Medical Systems head office in Riyadh and satellite branches in GCC.



Samir Photographic Supplies Co. Ltd. (Kodak)

July 2002 – October  2003

Network Engineer / Systems Administrator

  • Single-handedly managed and operated the Information Systems Division of Samir (Kodak) Photographic Supplies, Riyadh branch. Designed and implemented TCP/IP based network systems in Windows-NT environment with multiple IBM-PC servers. Solely responsible desktop support and for the maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of over 200 computer systems & laptops, network printers, and Servers (software and hardware).  Also acted as the only purchasing officer for all computer systems hardware, software and equipment.  Network Administrator to the Samir-Kodak domain, this duty includes network planning & maintenance and MS Exchange 2000 Server maintenance.  Also involved in the configuration and set-up, including troubleshooting of IBM AS-400 systems.  Also maintained and managed all computer systems and network systems for the shops and branches of Samir Photographic Supplies.  Fully responsible for the planning, design and implantation of new computer systems and network systems for new branches.



Communications and Business Solutions, Inc.

906-B West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange – Ortigas, Pasig, PH       

December 2000 – June 2002

Computer Systems/Network Administrator

  • Ultimately responsible for the over-all maintenance of all computer systems, computer equipment and hardware within the company. Responsible for the planning, installation, set-up and maintenance of the Local Area Network as LAN Administrator. Other duties include the following: (1) acted as Purchasing Officer when canvassing and acquiring computer systems, hardware and software; (2) supervised the sales & support activities of the company, from accepting job orders for web designs from sales personnel, web designing to sending out invoices and collection notices to all clients.