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Network Solutions

Your network infrastructure can literally determine HOW FAST YOUR BUSINESS WILL THRIVE. You can not afford to have a poorly designed network infrastructure that is proned to slow throughput, network crashes, compromised data and reduced productivity.  Any one of these things can translate to severe losses and serious liabilities that can threaten the success of your business.

With many years of experience in this field, our network engineers will ensure that you have a perfectly designed network infrastructure.  From the design stage, logisitics, network cabling, to switch, router & network installation and full implementation of back-up and disaster recovery systems, We will be there firmly beside you and stay with you even after system turn-over.

Some of our network solutions specialties include the following:

  • set-up of computer networks and IP telephony for medical and dental clinics
  • set-up of computer networks and IP telephony for a remote branch for your business
  • internet cafe set-up and implementation
  • school computer laboratory installation and integration
  • small to medium-size business set-up and installation