District Cooling Company Ltd (www.districtcooling.com.sa), a subsidiary of NTCC – The Tri-Generation Company of Saudi Arabia, has just renewed their hosting services and IT services with Fionabella Enterprises.  Fionabella will continue to host DCCL’s website and will also continue to provide professional email services and other IT services for District Cooling Company.

District Cooling Company Limited is the corporate umbrella of a Joint Venture collaboration among 3 of the leading and most respected companies in Saudi Arabia:

  • and HUDA GROUP

District Cooling Company, with unique and cost-effective solutions, can very effectively cater to the energy requirements of complex buildings and facilities including high-rise towers and provide them with complete solutions in an environment friendly that is consistent with the highest industry standards.

District cooling systems are centralized plants that produce and distribute chilled water. Chilled water reaches the buildings through a pipe network and connect to Energy transfer stations with which the buildings are equipped. District cooling systems can profitably replace any type of air conditioning system by saving large amounts of electricity. District Cooling plants and systems are better engineered to work in difficult operating environments, including extreme heat, saline humidity and windborne sand, leading to higher reliability and life-cycle costs.

District Cooling provides environment friendly solutions with less emissions and less noise pollutions and is more reliable compared to other solutions. Saudi Cooling as the Cooling Partner can provide energy efficient, reliable, environment friendly and economic solutions to the customer.

For more information about District Cooling Company Ltd, kindly visit their website at www.districtcooling.com.sa